Franklin L. Haney

Franklin L Haney Company | Chairman and Founder |

Fred was involved in the development and opening of the 300 room, high rise, Holiday Inn World’s Fair Hotel in Knoxville, Tennessee. He was active in the installation of the furniture, fixtures and equipment, the development of the business plan, the marketing and sales strategy and staffing for the grand opening to coincide with the opening of the 1982 World’s Fair. He was also responsible for the financial projections and budget. The Hotel was a mixed use project with a 100,000 square foot convention center, state office building with shared lobbies and common areas. Fred was responsible for coordinating and working with the City of Knoxville and State of Tennessee on the shared facilities. As well as working with the banks, Fred also worked closely with the contractors and architects in seeing that the facilities were completed on schedule. Fred has a great understanding of the financial complexities involved in developing and running a new hotel. He also has an outstanding business mind and he would be an asset to any organization.